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As a result of a detailed assessment engagement, we implement a focused business technology solution to resolve a specific business need and/or problem.  As your technology manager, we help you select the right vendor for the project and then manage the project life cycle from start to finish.

  1. We interview the interested business unit executives and staff.
  2. We document needs and finalize them, but leave room for new information.
  3. We find and evaluate vendors, products and solutions to choose from.
  4. We organize the options including hardware, software, services, budgets.
  5. We help you decide which way to go.
  6. We stay until the solution(s) selected are implemented.

We have worked with our clients on focused engagements in areas such as:

  • Internal technology department review and reorganization

  • Estimating and proposal workflow analysis and enhancement

  • Moving from paper plans to on-screen takeoffs of architectural drawings

  • Mobility and connectivity solutions

  • Vulnerability and risk assessment to ascertain compliance requirements

  • Content monitoring and risk management

  • Business accounting needs and software selection

  • Professional services time, billing and service order tracking

  • Relationship management

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